The Heart String Marionette Making-of Book
Authored by M dot Strange, Edited by Rakel Musicbox

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"I just got the book today! Its sicker than black death! I love it!"

A_Book is an in depth look into M dot Strange's animated feature film HEART STRING MARIONETTE. Character profiles, set information, making-of, work-flow and much more! Uberector M dot Strange shows you what it takes to make solo 3d animated feature films whilst he brings you into the new original world of HEART STRING MARIONETTE.

Packed with information you can't get anywhere else! Concept art, the strange tenets and philosophy behind the film, a never before seen look into the world of M dot Strange and tons of awesome imagery from the film.

We Are The Strange
M dot Strange's first full length film from 2007

-Official Sundance Selection
-1080p digital download
-88 minutes
-DRM free 1.7gb MP4 file
-Will play fine on Mac/Pc/Linux/Xbox/Ps3

M dot Strange's Scripts_Scribbles_Storyboards
Written by M dot Strange, Art by M dot Strange

Contains the original 76 page screenplay from Heart String Marionette as well as all 1500+ storyboard frames hand drawn by M dot Strange. A glimpse behind the curtain at the strange structure that created the film that critics have called an “animated masterpiece” A must have for a hardcore HSM fan. See deleted scenes and shots in the storyboards that were not used in the film, decipher the enigma that is Heart String Marionette.

The Heart String Marionette Fairytale Book
Written by M dot Strange, Art by M dot Strange

A dark fairytale for strange children.

How marionettes became puppets, how a puppet can become a marionette...
invisible to our eyes... the strings we all try to disguise.

ART @ 24fps
Written by M dot Strange, Art by M dot Strange

Underground animator M dot Strange creates art at twenty four frames per second and this is THE BOOK which slows his strange and chaotic animations down to examine the detailed art within.  

Contains magickal art from all of his major animated work including Heart String Marionette, We Are The Strange, Badassery, Blue Wander, and his music videos for Mindless Self Indulgence and Rabbit Junk. Appreciate the work of M dot Strange in a whole new way. For hard core fans only who need 450+ pages of strange artwork on their shelves at all times.

Written by M dot Strange, Art by M dot Strange

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A perfect coffee table book for a crack house.

Over 200 illustrations by M dot Strange of strange people sharing their nonsense and madness.

The Heart String Marionette Original Screenplay

The complete HEART STRING MARIONETTE screenplay in pdf form.

71 pages long

Final Revision

Written by M dot Strange.

How To Reach Your Creative Potential Book
Authored by M dot Strange, Edited by Rakel Musicbox

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FREE! Ebook version (no images)

Reader Comment
"It's all so simple sounding and like everyone should know about these things, yet everyone I know needs this book. And probably everyone they know."

B_B00k addresses: Motivation, depression, using your emotional pain as fuel for your journey as an artist to meet your ultimate potential and know true happiness. How to create and live through your own INNER HERO! The way of the Samurai artist!
If you have never quite like you fit in, and that you have a passion for the arts greater than all those around you which can be quite depressing then B_B00K is for you!

I wrote this book as sort of an artistic pick you upper... a kick in the ass... a slap in the back of your head to get you going creating the awesome work that you should be!

Reader Comment
"Everything you said in that book is just so damn TRUE. I had thought of a lot of it on my own, but a lot of it was new to me as well. The whole "self as a hero" is literally going to change the way I Iive my life."