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"That was the greatest movie i have ever seen"

"it was fantastic, It was gorgeous to look at, the beautiful music and great voice acting elevated the epicness, the story was weird, but very touching. I loved the characters, you always create such amazing and unique characters! It was breathtaking putting it simply"

"Its fucking amazing. I have never seen anything so astonishingly visually endearing as your movie. I bought We Are The Strange probably 10 minutes after I saw online, and I couldn't think you could top that movie but wow. I wanted to just say I'm a huge fan and I will always be excited for your next film. To me, this film seems like a gift and for that I thank your strange mind for giving this vision to the world"

"Amazing. Beautiful. Touching. I loved every frame. Watched it twice already. Thank you for making it! I hope you guys are proud of your work -- you should be!"

"Mister Strange, I just finished watching the film. Let me say... you pulled it of to create a beautiful story of hate, love, and the death of childhood. Thank you"

"I must have watched this movie 10 times by now lol"

"Bought this when it came out. It blew my mind.. I had to sit for about half an hour and just think about what I had saw... I would of payed 20 bucks to see it. The soundtrack.. BEAUTIFUL. The animation and artwork FLAWLESS. You never disappoint. You are one of the very few artists out there who I appreciate because of your nature. You are in this industry for the art.. Not the greed. Keep doing what you do! You have a supporter for life!"

"just finished watching it. it was amazing, never seen anything like it. your a genius mad man. thanks again for the download mr. strange"

"it was a breathtaking and thought provoking moment you just offered me. It was 2 hours of lucid dream, you got a wonderful sense of direction, it was really intense. Thanks for being so awesome and such a source of inspiration"

"Just watched @mdotstrange s HSM four times and it’s amazing"

"It was like having my face in boobs for 2 hours"

"I just got home after experiencing the film with a friend. After the movie finished we sat there in silence for a good 20 minutes. This is one of the most intensely beautiful sweeping majestic experiences I have had in my life"

"it is fucking deep, gave me shivers! It was well worth the wait, I fucking enjoyed the shit out of watching it, as I will when I watch it again, and again, and again :)"

"I stayed up until 3 watching the movie last night: wow. It's really rare to see a film so different, personal, experimental in approach yet ultimately badass, complex and enigmatic yet completely approachable and appreciable... I highly recommend it. Stupendous work. I'll be thinking about the characters for months to come"

"Just finished the film...You are a legend dude. Fucking. Legend. No other words"

"I am just amazed by the beauty in the soundtrack. So much emotion went into each movement. I am absolutely in love with it. Music can be so much more powerful when the heart takes a moment to settle down and grasp the sounds fully.. No words are needed"

"It's fucking awesome. The characters all are insane, the atmosphere is incredible (especially if you watch it alone in a room at night) and the story is fucking weird and creepy"
"Your work is so inspiring, everything about it blows me away"

"I love Endika forever. The music was alive with so much passion it made my soul weap, literally. It blew my mind. At some points I couldn't bear the emotion that was being translated through the music. It was overwhelming. And the scenery, don't let me get started. Mdot you went ballistic. My brain couldn't process all the added details first time around. And the way you edited it to flow with Endika's music. Superb craftsmanship from Mdot and Endika. My hats off to the both of you"

"this film is fucking beautiful. it was just fucked up enough for me to say hey this is fucked up but not to much fucked up to the point where is was just WTF is this shit. thank you mdot, I truly enjoyed this film"

"The movie is fucking brilliant! I can't believe the animation was done by only 1 guy o_O"

"Man i saw the movie on my living room tv with surround sound and shit. the music and sound effects sounded so damn good the plot just blew my mind and that song sung by that one guy at the end was just so fucking good. I did die inside. it was great"

"This movie is so much unlike anything ive ever seen before. Its good. Its amazing. One of the best pieces of art ive ever seen"

"Dude... I've seen it four times now. NEVER have I watched a movie where the amount of chills I got watching it actually INCREASED every time I watched it. The allegory of this is beautiful, it makes me proud to be an artist and inspires me so much. :,) Never stop doing what you do M dot! We NEED filmmakers like you in this fucked up world. Thank you so much!"

"so beautiful.. no matter how many times you watch it, it still gets to you"

"It's really rare to see such a personal film on an epic level: the hero was badass!  I will be thinking of this film for years to come.  Thank you M Dot!"

"i just finished watching this movie with my friend after just coming back from Japan... seriously dude why are u not rich yet... the composition of this film was amazing... it is extremely none linear and amazing to the eye"

"The movie was awesome. Watched it a few times to confirm some of my suspicions about the story line. Loved the little subtleties in the movie too. How the hat changed, and even the design of the heart changing according to the scene. Loved all the nuanced little details!"

"You two are a goddamn dream team. One thing that makes me sad though; now the the wait for your next movie begins"